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Born In War Series “A Mind Empowering Podcast”


The Born In War Podcast offers a unique series of short recordings, designed for and dedicated to connecting listeners with a greater power, inspiring a personal sense of possibility and strength, and creating an air of positivity and self-belief that lasts throughout the day.

Featuring short clips at under two minutes, professionally captured alongside a thoughtfully chosen soundscape in every case, the series sees host Jamale offer creative and actionable advice and ideas relating to worship.

Each segment meanders through various topics and mediums, including positive thinking, music, poetry, film, fitness, and a plethora of lifestyle-themed subject matter. From reciting rhymes to quoting the bible and story-telling, Born In War celebrates life and Jesus and all that it is to be human and to feel empowered and capable of anything.

These easy to digest sessions are already getting close to 100 episodes, meaning there’s plenty to either binge through or turn to at any given time – whenever you need a little inspiration, an energy boost, or a reminder to stay focused on the things that matter.

What started as a means for self-expression, soon evolved into a community of like-minded followers of GOD’s Word and faith. Born In War now stands as a worthy platform for the enlightened or those seeking enlightenment, to empower others and to be entirely themselves, whilst pursuing their happiest and healthiest life in Christ.

Visit the Born In War Website for all episodes & info. Find & follow the Podcast on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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