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Blunt Force Healing – Self Reflection Podcast


Introducing an authentically raw and honest wellness podcast, with an initial focus on the self and a clearly greater-good intention over time – Maciej Badowski (otherwise known as the Properteneur) hosts Blunt Force Healing; a pure and honest series of self-reflections on overcoming a life suffocated by procrastination.

The Blunt Force Healing Podcast began as a means for Maciej to establish a regular habit or routine that was non-exhaustive, easy enough to keep consistent, and offering enough of a reward in terms of the headspace, inspiration, and understanding of the self, to make it worth while.

Over time, the days turned to weeks, and consistency and habit proved to be working their magic – a quality you can hear without question as you listen through these short five-minute recordings. Authenticity is key, and as a listener, you quickly start to feel a strong connection with Maciej – an individual whose journey from dissatisfaction to fulfilment has been laid out for all to hear.

Impressively now well over 600 episodes deep, family-man Maciej’s commitment to these segments and to the reflective healing process is unparalleled, and in reality, that devotion and the honouring of the artform allows for a uniquely genuine and insightful listen in every case.

Episodes are concise, personal but not self-obsessive – far from it. Whether descriptive of a day’s events or feelings, or exploring more specifically an instance or happening from the past, the Blunt Force Healing Podcast maintains its sense of focus and purpose as a healing podcast.

Most recently, Maciej recorded an episode on the road, complete with the soothing sounds of the natural world and waterfalls as and when he happened upon them. The clarity remains at a top level, gifting listeners a sense of both intimacy and escapism as they live vicariously through the thoughtful adventures of Properteneur.

From simple thoughts or musings that are often beautifully relatable in their honesty and realism, to side projects and literal explorations of landscapes, the Blunt Force Healing Podcast is genuinely unlike any other podcast you’re likely to stumble upon. Despite its longevity, the truth and purity intended from the start has remained a driving force – a trait that rings loud through Maciej’ own humility and sense of calm and humanity, as he speaks without fear or force on any number of different topics.

In short, Blunt Force Healing is a pleasure to let play – a deeply calming experience, which feels like a fine balance between catching up with friends and listening to an established educator gracing the stages of a lecture hall for a rare but valuable session of storytelling.

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