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Beyond The Scalpel – Your Gateway to Transformative Plastic Surgery & Dermatology (PODCAST)


Introducing a refreshingly honest and genuine take on the precise intricacies of dermatology and plastic surgery. If you’re one of the many millions who are increasingly thinking about cosmetic procedures, or if you’re about to undertake some, the Beyond The Scalpel Podcast will undoubtedly help soothe your nerves and shed some light on exactly what you’re about to experience.

Consistently focused on the facts and inspired by the widespread need to dispel misconceptions within the dermatology and plastic surgery industry, Beyond The Scalpel will engage and surprise you with the sheer wealth of information and the multitude of cosmetic surgeries that are available.

Unedited and honest in its conversational style and openness, the idea with Beyond The Scalpel is to inform and empower individuals when it comes to their own skin and appearance, and it emerges from the perspective of two highly-regarded, distinguished plastic surgeons. Not only does the information help relieve any stress or concerns you may have, but their conversational calmness and unrivalled understanding of the subject matter adds immensely to that effect.

From Tummy Tucks and Lipo to Scar Removal, Hair Loss, Eye Health and Preparing for Wedding Season – Beyond The Scalpel really does encapsulate the breadth of content implied by its title.

Established NYC Doctors Elie and Jody Levine present a series of conversations designed to shine light on the intricacies of physical health, from surface level dermatology through to revolutionary plastic surgery technologies of recent years.

The hosts deliver a clearly experienced, esteemed and knowledgeable perspective, but do so in a friendly and welcoming, accessible manner – making this the perfect go-to for long-time plastic surgery enthusiasts, medical professionals, and new starters alike.

If you’re interested in dermatology and plastic surgery but aren’t sure which path to take or what the processes can entail, the newly founded Beyond The Scalpel Podcast makes for a perfect introduction to the many options available.

Most recently, June’s episode on Eyes explores what happens to your eyes when you age, and what you can do to counter these effects. The conversation is welcoming and enlightening from the start, and within just forty minutes will educate listeners on the structure and stages of change that occur around the eyes, and also the various procedures that plastic surgeons can offer in order to help you overcome these changes and improve your self-confidence as you age.

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Dr. Elie Levine is renowned for his expertise in facial rejuvenation, premier breast and body contouring, and is the innovator behind the ground-breaking LevineLift™ .

Dr. Jody Levine is the Director of Dermatology, and a dual board-certified expert in Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery and Paediatrics. Her cutting-edge methods in skin care, laser surgery, and injectables have earned her widespread acclaim and respect in the field.

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