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Between The Trees: An Unrivaled Hidden Gem For UK Festival Goers


Harmony Away From The Hassle….

Securely nestled along a private stretch of land on the coast of South Wales – independent Folk Festival Between The Trees has become an unmissable annual gathering for families, creatives, and music fans since its inception back in 2014.

From the indie breakthrough brilliance of Rusty Shackle, to the legendary likes of Seth Lakeman, with dozens of smaller and bigger grass-roots bands alike paving the way – new discoveries, new friendships, and new experiences are all part of the process at Between the Trees.

Noting a plethora of fascinating workshops and talks, from environmental legends like Project Seagrass to independent craft-makers and all that falls in between, the festival has become synonymous with organic celebration, forward thinking, great music, and community.

Not only is Between The Trees one of the outright best festivals to attend with a young family – the feeling of togetherness, safety and freedom is unparalleled – but the music and entertainment, the layout, the learning and the even the food, all makes this truly one of the most worthwhile hidden gems of the UK festival circuit.

Given that 2024 will mark their ten year anniversary, and with this past summer having hosted perhaps one of their biggest names yet, Between The Trees is categorically one of the very best hidden gems that true music fans and good-hearted seekers of escapism won’t want to miss out on.

Get Tickets for Between The Trees Festival 2024 – Taking place August 22nd to 25th. Find Between The Trees on Instagram.

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