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The Best New Music from May, 2024 – One Hour Wonder’s Indie Gems (4.5 Hour Playlist)


Every month for the past two years, the One Hour Wonder Independent Music Playlist has sneakily stretched further than its one hour title implies. The quality of the music, the number of new releases, the hard work and passion of the increasing number of musician, bands, producers and artists at the helm – all of it contributes to the fact that we just can’t contain the best new music within a single hour.

Enter May, 2024 – The longest One Hour Wonder Indie Playlist to Date – And not a moment wasted!

From the cinematic and thoughtful to the high-octane, euphoric, distorted, contemplative, outright bold and ballsy – No stone was left unturned last month, and our Independent Collection Playlist speaks volumes on behalf of that diversity and talent across the realm.

Massive and sincere thanks as ever to all of the creatives featured in May’s One Hour Wonder Playlist. We’re still listening, at volume, and your music will remain in our lives. Thank you!!!

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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