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Behind The Bits PODCAST


Scott Curtis hosts the comedy deep dive that is Behind The Bits – a podcast designed for and dedicated to exploring the tragedy and triumph of stand-up comedy.

Leading with his own unique experiences and fascination with stand-up, Scott welcomes onboard a plethora of guests, comics from across the scene, to delve into the highs, lows and complexities of a life spent immersed in stand-up comedy.

A recent episode featured Mark Masters, whose recently released book details the ups and downs of his first six months as a stand-up comedian. Scott’s inquisitive and genuinely interested nature prompts an unexpectedly intricate conversation, which proves consistently insightful to listen to.

For stand-up comedians, comedy fans, or performers and artists in general, the discussion makes for an eye-opening experience that lays bare the truth of being a stand-up – the struggles and successes alike. There’s an inherent sense of realness and unwavering honesty to the entire format, and this makes the podcast a refreshing alternative to the noise and glitter of the mainstream.

Learn how to build a career as a comic, what not to do, what the greats have done before you, or just bridge the gap a little between the audience and the artist at work. An intriguing and captivating indie podcast, tackling a respectable niche in a professional and likeable way.

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