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Becoming Entrefied with Patrick Hughes (PODCAST)


Patrick Hughes delivers a series of ten to twenty minute long bursts of inspiration and advice when progressing in life – taking action, making changes and logical choices when working towards your goals and dreams.

Already an impressive 84 episodes deep, the show offers a variety of conceptual deep-dives, designed to help you reach your full potential.

A recent episode deals with the difficulty in telling someone they suck at something – and the difficulty of hearing it. The central idea is that of being able to give constructive, actionable feedback.

Patrick’s mellow and genuine demeanor helps these ideas come through with equal parts humanity and authority. He speaks from clear experience, but approaches things in an accessible and likable way. This quiet confidence is refreshing when compared with the vast majority of overly loud, flashy presentations or podcasts dealing with these kind of self-improvement topics.

From starting a new business to getting rich, mastering skills, and working on personal happiness, Becoming Entrefied takes a realist approach to helping listeners genuinely achieve the best they can in life.

Featuring absolutely no filler, only hands-on experience and insight from a businessman and thinker with a successful background but plenty of struggles to reference simultaneously, this daily podcast is one of the more personal around, yet balances fact and feeling in a relatable, beneficial manner.

Well worth a listen and fortunately there are plenty of episodes to catch up on or binge through as you go about your week.

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Let’s break free of the life we are told to live. Create freedom and wealth by adding value to other’s lives. Challenge traditions, challenge authority and Get Entrefied.

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Check out all episodes via iTunes. Find & follow Patrick Hughes on Facebook or visit his Website.

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