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Badasses of History – PODCAST


This indie podcast is a great one to discover if you’re into the whole podcast escapism thing anyway – what works additionally well about it though, is that each episode takes only around ten minutes of your time. The host gets straight into the story, celebrating precisely what the title of the show promises – Badass men and women from throughout history.

Aside from an energetic and inviting musical intro, each episode sees the story of the person in question come through with an absolute matter of fact approach – no filler, not even a fragment of anything less than interesting. Each story manages to captivate thanks to the host’s calm and concise delivery, and the fact that many of these stories might not be that familiar to the average listener. You learn from the show, the stories are inspiring, often shocking, always fascinating, and at the end of each segment you’re likely to be up to your neck in Google’s own gathering of background for whoever it is the episode featured.

Badasses of History upload a new episode every week. A recent release focuses on the one man army that is Leo Major. Where you might recognise or have knowledge of some of the more widely known war stories – thanks to cinema, literature, the media – it’s likely that this one will be completely new to you. One thing’s for sure, it will intrigue and amaze for its factual badassery. Leo Major’s fearlessness offers, at the very least, a fresh perspective for those of us who fret or worry about trivial issues in our daily lives.

It’s a total pleasure to listen to these shows. Adding to that is the fact that rarely does a podcast feel like it ends way too soon. In most cases we tend to skip through an hour session or simply don’t make it to the end. In this case, you want to hear more, you want to learn more, and the Podcast quite quickly becomes an unmissable go-to and well worth signing up for to make-sure you don’t miss an episode.

Check out all episodes via Spreaker or iTunes.

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