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Bacon and Eggs: A Movie Lover’s Podcast


A movie review podcast which, throughout 167 episodes already uploaded, has well and truly found its flow as a uniquely interesting, entertaining and professionally crafted hit of audio escapism. The perfect accompaniment to your long commute or the end of a busy day.

Tyler and Ethan host Bacon and Eggs, bringing excitable personalities and vastly knowledgeable insight regarding the history of film and entertainment. The podcast covers anything from TV shows to books and music, on top of digging deep in to a plethora of movies both past and present.

A recent episodes tackles the revealing Facebook movie that was 2010’s The Social Network. The session doesn’t purely lay into the one film, the conversation pours through in a natural, friends-led kind of manner, referencing other films alongside personal tidbits that help listeners quickly build a level of connection with the hosts.

Unlimited by time or even theme, letting the discussion roll out authentically in every case, Bacon and Eggs is an easy must for movie buffs and podcast fans alike. The show stylishly combines the good vibes required to let go of the weight of the world, with a fascinating look at some classic movies that impacted the scene and many people’s lives in a lasting way.

This one’s a fun show, easy to switch on and relax to – Tyler and Ethan take the reigns, and their dedication to the cause combined with their fairly consistent good moods proves particularly uplifting. Well worth tuning in for.

Check out all episodes via iTunes. Find & follow Bacon and Eggs on Twitter & Instagram.

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