Hazzy E is an artist crafting her own unique take on pop & hip hop that is soaked in a certain sense of identity & originality. There’s a touch of the familiar in the style & swagger of Bitter – the rhythm, the pace, the passion & confidence.


The artist’s now familiar & comforting leading voice delivers the sentiment & the various stages of the song in a perfectly delicate, genuine way. The soundscape showcases a lightly upbeat rhythm & folk-rock energy.


A brilliantly honest song that draws your affection with its lyrical approach to reality, to openness & to the inner turmoil we all feel from time to time. Dario Margeli has written from the heart while touching upon issues of the mind; it’s well balanced & it works.


The music is completely refreshing, familiar yet original in essence, loyal to the art that inspired it yet also indicative of a brand new sound. The only thing missing is to witness it all unfolding before you in real time.


The song actually comes through as accessible to any number of audiences – not limited to the specific struggle that created it. The ambiance offers a classic rock vibe with a contrastingly delicate leading vocal part. These work well together in this setting.