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AM Vocal Studio – Online Singing Course


Toronto’s Adam Mishan is a singer and vocal coach you’re already likely to recognize. His singing transformation video went viral not too long ago, showcasing short clips of a man unable to sing in key at all initially, progressing over the years through professional training, practice and passion, to ultimately becoming a powerful and soulful singer and vocal coach himself.

Adam’s unique story makes him one of the only singing coaches around who actually started off as someone who believed or was told that vocal ability comes naturally; you either have it or you don’t. Refusing to accept this, and still waking up every day with a passion for singing and performance, Adam took to learning – dedicating his time to progressing and understanding singing, in a manner that ultimately paved the way for the artist and teacher we see today.

Following his recent success – including amassing an impressive 180,000 subscribers on YouTube, Adam has officially launched an online singing course – 30 Days To A Better Voice – to help as many others as possible break through the barriers of inability, and amass and embrace the endless benefits and joy brought about from singing.

Taking a step by step approach, easily accessible and perfectly accustomed to mid-level learners as much as absolute beginners and those who know nothing about singing, the course is ideal for aspiring vocalists across the board. Not merely outlining vocal practices, but digging into everything from tongue and jaw exercises, neck stretches, to vocal reach, volume, and much more, throughout a 30-day course that’s as detailed and insightful as it is enjoyable and easy to follow. The course is also personally customized by means of numerous questions along the way, which take on your own situation, vocal ability and level, to make sure the information and teaching that follows is well-suited.

Adam’s website for AM Vocal Studio offers a free preview of the course, and there are plenty of video examples of him in action over on YouTube, so there’s absolutely no reason not to give this a try. A clear professional, with an inspiring passion for singing and music, and a genuine desire to help.

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