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Accelerated Culture Podcast – The Rise Of Alternative Music


Introducing a fantastic new podcast, faultlessly accessing a crucial aspect of music history. Accelerated Culture Podcast provides a deep-dive into the rise of alternative music since the eighties. The concept is simple, take on the albums and bands that shaped the audio landscape, and explore how they came about both technically and emotionally – as well as how their music impacted the scene, and how that impact still lingers today.

Presented by Laurie and Rob, Accelerated Culture Podcast covers a broad range of historical music projects, and most recently explored the story of 1989’s Nine Inch Nails album Pretty Hate Machinea fascinating take for those who’ve been lifelong fans of the band, but also a worthy gateway episode into the show’s historical journey. We hear the story of the band and how they began, as well as a break down of the actual music and the creative thinking behind it. Categorically one for the devoted musicians, producers and music nerds who crave understanding of the complexities of the art-form!

Coming in at an hour-plus in most cases, episodes of the Accelerated Culture Podcast achieve long-form appeal for their fine balancing of personal anecdotes and factual representation. You can hear a passion for the process from these two music fans discussing the projects that shaped much of their adolescent years, and at the same time we get the more insightful details in terms of what each album did for the scene and the culture – the impact it had, and its overall role in the rise of alternative music.

One major aspect of the podcast is how new wave music paved the way for alternative music in the early eighties and nineties. Snippets of tracks are used intermittently, and the conversation in every case blends artistic inception with media response and personal reference, proving both informative and beautifully nostalgic to listen through.

There’s comfort in the calm and inspiration of the past, and Accelerated Culture Podcast wholly addresses the need for this, as well as delivering a plethora of unknown facts about the bands and albums that carved out much of the global music scene.

From a journalistic perspective, Accelerated Culture Podcast offers plenty of references to the cultural landscape from the time of release, covering the origin story of Nine Inch Nails, for example, and prior to this delving into the background stories of bands like New Order, Jane’s Addiction and Duran Duran. Laurie and Rob showcase an impressively knowledgeable, well-researched and consistently insightful approach, and furthermore inject a likable, conversational dynamic, which makes the podcast an easy pleasure to let play.

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