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A Positive Mind with Positive Vibes (PODCAST)


Wholly encapsulating the very concept implied by its title, A Positive Mind With Positive Vibes is a show dedicated to helping you find and focus on the positive aspects of life – even when things get unbelievably difficult.

Perhaps there’s never been a better time for most of us to work out how to stay open-minded, optimistic and happy, despite the struggles surrounding us and the uncertainty, the weight of the world. Austin Varvel’s calming vocal tone and confidence when talking in depth about the various mazes we have to navigate our way through in life is easy to get onboard with. His delivery and his genuinely positive, hopeful view of the world, emerge with not only an inspiring energy, but also a clear level of realism in knowing and understanding precisely how difficult it can be to master this state of mind.

From toxic relationships to depression and absolute honesty, Accepting Yourself and Others makes for a fine starting point, though there are already 26 episodes available in total to make your way through.

If only a backdrop to your day, or a go-to series of mantras whenever you need a little boost, these episodes help listeners feel empowered, capable, and in full control of their lives and the way they perceive and interact with the world.

From meditation to self-love, from leadership to choosing your own reality, from love to learning and working out your ‘why’ – A Positive Mind with Positive Vibes is every bit as inspiring and warming as you’d hope. Well worth tuning in for this year.

Check out all episodes via Apple or visit the show’s Website.

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