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A Little Bit Closer, with Gina & Carolina – PODCAST


Two women on a mission to bring women and moms together. Carolina and Gina dare to say what others are thinking – unfiltered, witty, and insightful. No topic is off limits, let’s get a little bit closer.

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Gina and Carolina host the unapologetically honest and unfiltered podcast A Little Bit Closer – a show that covers a range of topics and does so in a manner designed to bring women and mothers together and to offer a feeling of unity that’s much needed in today’s world.

With eight episodes already under their belt, the podcast emerges as one that deals with issues and subjects relevant to society and modern life, but this seemingly follows a fairly arbitrary pathway in each case – the result of which is something a little more genuine, naturally moved along by the chemistry between the hosts and the particular field of expertise offered by their various guests.

A recent episode entitled Heavily Meditated welcomed energy expert Lianne on-board to talk everything from manifesting to yoga, meditation, vision boards, reiki, and much more. Rather than overloading the listener with details and informative outpourings, there proves to be a fine balance between conversational colloquialism, fun, and just enough of that professional healing, meditative angle to let it feel accessible and relevant to anyone with an interest.

In many ways, the show feels like a couple of friends just hanging out, talking the world’s problems away, and welcoming you to join in. While there’s humor and a fairly laid-back set-up to the whole thing, there’s also plenty within that can inspire and motivate you if you’re willing to let it. An easy backdrop to your day if you’ve been craving a little understanding or the company of those of a similar mindset.

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