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6 Steps to Make Your Bluetooth Speaker Sound Better


If you’re not happy about how your Bluetooth speaker sounds, here is an entire article to tell you that you can do something about it. The first thing to do is be calm and get your glasses. We’ve got really important stuff to tell you. Using and combining these options below, you will develop some solution to help you out with all your Bluetooth speaker problems. Here are six things that you could try for yourself.

  1. Down on the Floor

A common trick to make your speaker sound louder is to place it on the ground. If you paid any attention to your classes at school on physics, you will understand why. Placing the speaker on the floor is an advantage in parties and other gatherings where you want the music playing softly in the background.

  1. The Volume Must Vary with Room Size

There is a big difference between playing the speaker on an open field and playing it in a room. Avoid automation in this case and manually operate the system so that the noise level is controlled. Some speakers may seem too loud when turned on in a room and too soft when played in an open space. The other thing to note is the size of the room. Adjust the knob according to the number of people and the total area that needs to be covered.

  1. Put It Near A Wall

A wall may seem like a sound barrier but that’s only for the noise trying to run through it. It can act as a great amplifier, helping those notes reach your ears and garner your appreciation. Placing a speaker against the wall actually improves the volume level by increasing it to one fourth of the original. This calculation may however differ based on where you put the speaker and its distance from the wall. The type of wall may influence this quality too.

  1. Put It Near A Corner

What’s better than one wall? Two walls! If you agree, shift your speaker to the corner of the room. The scientific explanation is that the corner, with sides sloping away from each other can do the work of an amplifier much better than a plain wall. It helps increase the volume of the speaker by around 40%, but like placing it near the wall, the distance between the corner and the speaker varies and can affect the volume to a great extent.

  1. Two Is Better Than One

Much like one wall is not as good as having two for an amplifier, one speaker too is not as good as having two! If you really need some louder music, why not have two speakers to do the job better? If you need to get a really large room of people to listen to your music, or if it is a party, this is something we would totally recommend. Buying a new speaker isn’t difficult at all and you could get one of them yourself very easily. Thanks to Bluetooth, you could have the speakers playing the same song at the same time too!

  1. Get It Checked

If you’re little low on cash and don’t want to spend and if you find that the speaker you’re using isn’t working as well as it used to, the only option in store is to get it checked from a good dealer or mechanic. Sometimes, some parts of the speaker tend to wear out, leaving you with substandard service that can be easily repaired. If nothing works out, a new speaker will!

There you are. Using these tips, you could definitely make that device work much better. So, start off and treat yourself to some really good music. After all, that is the only thing one can bank upon for relaxation and de stressing. Go ahead and calm your mind.

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