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5 Ways Augmented Reality Could Reshape the Music Industry


Going a step further for the success of music makers all over the globe…

If you have any sort of interest in music you might have heard of the term “Streaming”. Listening to music of any genre and language has become so much easier thanks to this method. Systems like Apple iTunes and Spotify are extremely popular and see millions of streams each and every day. However, is this the only way to take it to the next level?

Here’s where we introduce AR. Augmented reality has been a matter of thought lately. Many industries have been looking to change things up. Let’s look at five ways augmented reality can reshape the music of today.

1. Make Physical Albums A Thing Again

If you haven’t noticed already, CDs aren’t really being bought anymore. Although many music artists release their albums in the form of physical CDs, their sales have been lacking. This is mainly because of the streaming method that we spoke about earlier. Fans can conveniently purchase new music online. This is called digital music and has become the norm. However, AR can change things. Adding augmented reality in music albums shows the variability that the artist has within. Not only will it be a good promotional strategy, but would enhance the qualities of the physical album. For example, One Direction added Blippar codes to their ‘Made in the A.M’ album to give fans extra viewership.

2. Next Level Videos

There are so many music videos that have been released by various artists over time. They are truly the best way musicians can connect with their fans. Not only do these videos hold meaning (most of the time) but are sometimes an ode to fans. So, don’t you think it is about time videos were enhanced? Since music videos hold attractive visual content, augmented reality will increase its viewability even further. There have been artists that added codes to their albums in order to direct their fans to more exciting content once scanned. Also, just imagine a few years from now, we would be able to watch videos as if the artist were performing right in front of us.

3. Creating Album Frenzy

Sure, online promotions and public interviews do a decent job of getting an artist’s news out there, but is that the only way? Augmented reality is able to create a frenzy around an album, pre-release. How you may ask? Well, that differs from artist to artist. There have been a lot of pop musicians that have used codes to connect with their fans and get them excited about an upcoming album. People like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry have both done extremely well promoting their music using AR. Also, no wonder they are amongst the most popular artists in the pop genre.

4. Marketing Strategy

Augmented reality makes for a great marketing strategy. Many brands, including famous ones like Coca Cola, have used AR in their advertising and new releases. Doing so have not only brought them more sales, but have changed consumer’s perception on them. If AR has such an impact on consumer brands, one can only imagine the effect on the music industry. Just imagine navigating and unlocking content prior to an artist’s album release using a similar technique to Pokemon Go! Augmented reality can bring up fresh ideas within albums or even karaoke so as to remain unique and stay on top as well.

5. Live Music Experiences

Concerts and music festivals are great opportunities for musicians to show their true potential and connect even further with their followers. However, imagine introducing the world of AR to that of live music. That sounds like an interesting combo to us. Music festivals like Coachella in the U.S.A have begun adding such AR elements to their shows. Visitors may unlock special content that is exclusive to the event itself. This would get them even more excited for the festival.

However, there can be more. Imagine attending your favorite band’s concert and seeing lyrics floating above you, or having a music video experience in an outdoor arena!

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