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30 Reasons Why We Make Music


1. We have a guitar, or some other kind of musical toy

2. We don’t know how to say it if it doesn’t rhyme

3. We don’t know how to make science

4. Our parents discourage it

5. It’s louder than poems

6. It makes us feel amazing

7. We long for the rock star lifestyle

8. We can’t afford to buy existing music

9. Our older and cooler friends do it

10. It’s medicine for the soul

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11. It fills the gaps between meals

12. It makes us appear sexier

13. It helps us express our inner thoughts and feelings

14. It helps us make friends

15. It’s less time consuming than making movies

16. There’s a great, gaping void in our lives when we don’t

17. David Bowie

18. To drown out the sound of our neighbours

19. It gives us an excuse to travel. Constantly.

20. It give us an excuse to drink. Constantly.

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21. If you get good at it, people say nice things – like ‘wow, aren’t you good!?’

22. Bad teachers said it was a waste of time

23. Good teachers said we could do anything we put our minds to

24. Free drinks at open mic nights

25. To collect (and never get rid of) jack leads

26. To have something cool to say at reunions

27. To write sarcastic songs in a secret, metaphorical code, and sing them at our enemies without them knowing

28. Because we love the rush

29. Because the world sounds better when we do

30. Because we can’t not

* * *

We know there are thousands more. Any great ones we missed? Leave a comment.. 

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