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2019 Hits Hard – Indie’s Best Rock Tracks (Playlist)


Rock Fans – It’s that time of year again…

A playlist already full to the brim with hard-hitting tracks, still growing – 2019 Hits Hard – The Best Of Brand New Rock – Punk Rock, Metal, Hard Rock, Everything from the roar to the solo to the manic drums… We’re Loving This One.. Turn It Up Loud 🎧👊

Featuring: Another Day DawnsIron CoreAiden HatfieldParagon TheoremVices of VanityNo/HugsLove Ghost反覆墜落 RepeatediveLucidFerDown From AboveHazy DaysChoutAboutMeemoMythical MotorsThe Inoculated CanariesGlorybotsFrans KransKoriRevolversArcadian ChildDamian SageTeach Me Human3Mind BlightAdventure Lost

Feel free to drop your Spotify links in the comments if you’d like to be considered for inclusion in the playlist.

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