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You Were Made For The Top, By Michael Andrew Paterson Harding (PODCAST)


A pleasant groove for an intro, a quick sense of optimism and genuine kindness – what’s not to like?

The UK’s own Michael Andrew Paterson Harding works hard to make sure you’re giving life your all, working towards those dreams and passions, and believing in better every step of the way.

* * *

You’re worth more. Your greatness is someone else’s medicine.

* * *

Emerging as short bursts of well-crafted inspiration, motivation, and genuine heart and soul, You Were Made For The Top offers those daily, go-to energy boosts so many of us often need in order to feel that fire and get started in the right direction.

Whenever your mood is failing you, whenever life gets you down or your ambition seems way too out of reach, Michael Harding has your back. From reasons why you’re unhappy, to never accepting mediocrity, Michael celebrates possibility, self-belief, and the fact that a better, brighter tomorrow is waiting for all of us.

A wonderful vocal confidence and an authentically hopeful demeanor and personality. Well worth a listen.

Find & follow singer, songwriter, mental guru and motivational speaker Michael Andrew Paterson Harding on Instagram or visit his Website.

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