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Women Leaders in Finance, PODCAST


Still in its early days, yet admittedly already on a level that leads with absolute professionalism and quality content, Women Leaders in Finance is a podcast that directly interviews a number of successful female leaders – from various fields across business, finance, technology and Fintech.

The show gets straight into the conversation in every case – no filler, nothing designed to waste your time or keep you listening for longer. You’re likely to find yourself naturally gripped by how interesting the conversation naturally is.

From story-telling of individual journeys to success, through the host’s insightful and considerate questioning process, to an ultimately broad finish that encapsulates many useful and often actionable details.

There’s also a beautifully empowering and inspiring level of honesty to the discussions, seeing the women featured open up about their own struggles, their difficulties and the obstacles they had to overcome – from dyslexia to business failures and the genuine existence of luck in many cases. This approach gifts listeners a sense of togetherness, a chance to overcome feelings of isolation in their own personal difficulties, and consistently provides a sense of possibility, which is energizing to experience.

Whatever your field, the women featured on this podcast talk in such a truthful and deeply human manner, that you’re fairly guaranteed to find more than a few moments of value throughout each episode. As stated, there’s absolutely no filler here, from start to finish these episodes get straight to the business and the challenges, the how to’s, what went wrong and what worked.

In the case of one of the latest episodes, Fiona Hathorn proves incredibly inspiring – a CEO, a mother, a fellow Brit, and a genuinely fascinating individual – with plenty to say about life, marriage, work-life balance; along with hard work, the climb to success, and a whole lot more.

Brilliant. Absolutely one to tune in for.

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