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Wings & Whips PODCAST


D Knightley hosts the brand new podcast that is Wings & Whips – a show where the talk is focused on all things cars and sometimes planes. 

Though still in its early days, the UK-based Podcast has presented a quickly likable and knowledgeable series – one that works well to balance the host’s genuine and laid-back personality with a clearly informed awareness of everything relating to wings and whips alike.

A recent episode kicks off with an unapologetic introduction that lays bare the truth of content creation in today’s world. The importance of honesty crops up in the first two minutes, and with this you feel a certain connection to the host for his purity and his refusal to follow suit – his unwillingness to create content that simply adheres to what works on a viral scale. Regardless of the topic, the host makes for a refreshing listen in general, and whether you’re already into the ‘car world’ or not, you’re likely to find yourself becoming a fan pretty quickly.

Episode 7 really digs deep into the concept of the ‘Cartuber’ – the YouTuber who dedicates their days to video content relating to engines and fast-cars. As a starting point, this one works wonders – quickly drawing you in, fusing relevance with an unwavering level of honesty and realness, and frankly sealing the deal as to whether or not you’ll check out the prior and future episodes. You almost certainly will.

Episodes are only around twenty minutes long, so they make for the perfect interlude or break-time escapism when you need something a little light-hearted yet passionate about the topic at hand. So far, the Cartuber concept has been explored and investigated, as have after-market mods, the future of Supercars, and the talent of Lewis Hamilton. There’s plenty left to cover, but as car-theme resources and audio/video goes, Wings & Whips is easily one of the most accessible, authentic, and enjoyable options out there. Knightley’s openness throughout helps you build a natural affinity that makes all the difference when it comes to supporting and return to tune in again and again. Absolutely worth getting to know.

Check out all episodes via Apple. Find & follow D Knightley on Instagram & YouTube.

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