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Wild Wild Thoughts, By Lee Summer & Kay Kay (PODCAST)


Twelve episodes deep and already having well and truly found its groove, Wild Wild Thoughts is an unfiltered and unapologetic new podcast that digs deep into relationships, life itself, adulthood, pop-culture, and everything in between.

Hosted by Toronto natives Kay Kay and Lee Summer, the podcast recently welcomed their first male guests on board, resulting in a conversation that presented a broad range of perspectives regarding friend-zones, blurred lines, and keeping your partner a secret.

Throughout this latest episode and indeed all of those prior to it, the hosts drive with a clear love for the process, and a naturally flowing conversational style that highlights their own chemistry – as well as the fact that these are likely to be the sort of discussions that would happen regardless of whether or not the mics were running. That authenticity is a huge part of the podcast’s appeal. In addition, they’re actively building a community around this level of freedom of discussion, welcoming listeners to email in or contact the show with their own input or questions for the team.

The whole thing makes for a fun, laid-back and often hilarious way to escape the mundanity of the rat-race for a while. An entertainment podcast at heart, but one that also deals with a fair few of the heavier topics we all encounter in life.

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