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Where The Dark Corners Are – PODCAST


Creatively intertwining true crime and the paranormal across three years worth of episodes, Where The Dark Corners Are delivers a uniquely gripping take on the Podcast format, and promises to both engage and impress listeners as they delve into the stories.

Hosted by Vina Jimenez, quietly crafted but with just enough haunting overtones and details to set the mood brilliantly, Where The Dark Corners Are is a storytelling Podcast designed for people who enjoy escaping into the dark and creepy corners of our world; the places “where ghosts roam and ghastly stories were made”.

Alternating its weekly venture between paranormal topics and true crime, Where The Dark Corners Are approaches things from a different chosen city each time – either within America or globally – and then pairs this location with a true crime story or Podcast-worthy event. In addition, Vina occasionally offers some less pre-meditated, more random topics, for fans and the gruesomely intrigued to revel in along the way.

Generally falling between thirty minutes and one hour in length, episodes of Where The Dark Corners Are present a scene-setting, third-party story format that lays out the details of each event in a way that’s both fascinating and unsettling in its humanity and realness of tone. Vina essentially bridges the gap between the horror and thriller genres and the more reality-based storytelling of individually-driven media, and that balance works incredibly well.

Easily likable, interesting to the point of promoting further Google searches in most cases, there are dozens if not now hundreds of episodes of Where The Dark Corners Are already uploaded to all Podcast Streaming platforms. Within that repertoire are stories ranging from Bigfoot to Chicago’s Lipstick Killer, Horror and Slash Movie Recommendations to Suicide Forests, Aliens and Unsolved Tragedies. Always Vina’s passion and enthusiasm for storytelling allows the Podcast to enthrall and entertain, whilst providing unexpected knowledge and plenty of conversation starters for the months ahead.

Undoubtedly a weekly must for fans of horror, true crime and the paranormal at large.

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