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Warped Underbelly, PODCAST


A podcast where everything obscure, off limits and downright wrong finds a loving home. It isn’t good, you shouldn’t listen to it.

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A title not to be taken lightly, Warped Underbelly throws caution and concern aside, delving deep into anything and everything that is absurd, thought socially unacceptable yet utterly intriguing; and practically impossible not to listen intently to.

Beginning with an excessively long chorus of If you can’t find a toilet, use your family members… – a bizarrely addictive little ditty or anthem for the show – Warped Underbelly sees its hosts wander freely amidst infrequently frequented territory, covering all that is inappropriate, offensive, and downright messed up.

For a fully unpredictable break from the mundane or the restricted mainstream media and fine-tuned, politically corrected entertainment, this is the place to be. Talking all things from weird sub-Reddits to sexual fetishes, the gang meander their way through internet findings, personal stories, and all that could – at any time – be either real or fictional. The further into the show you get, the more clear the answers will become.

Far from family friendly, this is a no-holds-barred, unafraid and unapologetic look at everything that would likely get you kicked out of a nice restaurant (the acts or just the talk of it). Unexpected, unsettling, freely hilarious and unwaveringly honest – Warped Underbelly lives up to its name in every which way. Proceed with an open mind.

Check out all episodes via Spreaker or YouTube. Find & follow Warped Underbelly on Twitter.


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