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Virra Marketing – Now Accepting Spotify Playlist Submissions


Fast-rising music marketing company Virra Marketing kicked off at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2017 – a team of students with a shared enthusiasm and energy for building something of worth.

Without a hint of funding or support from outside investments, they built their clientele with precisely the tools they now use to help indie musicians and bands across the globe reach a broader and more appreciative audience.

Today, Virra Marketing boasts over 350,000 followers, and reaches 1.3 million listeners every month. Their team continues to strive for only the best results, always holding onto that initial passion and drive that first started things up. Whatever the latest trend or marketing techniques, Virra Marketing is at the forefront of it all; making sure to always deliver valuable results to their hard-working clients.

Virra Marketing’s Rap Rotation playlist on Spotify is now open for submissions. Any and all aspiring hip hop artists and producers are welcome to submit music. Get in touch directly using the contacts below.

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Stereo Stickman is an online music magazine offering the latest in underground music news, as well as a platform through which unsigned artists can reach a wider audience.

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  1. These guys are a scam. My song was taken down after using their services. I only used these guys for this one specific song, got 20k streams and then got removed for illegal Bot Streams!

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