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Video Production Daily (PODCAST)


Emerging as easily digestible, two to fifteen minute clips, Video Production Daily sees the host Luke lay down the foundations of Video Production in a manner designed to help you quickly and effectively improve your skills.

With the rise of online medium’s such as Youtube, TikTok and other video-heavy social media, anyone and everyone can become an amateur filmmaker, either for personal use or to help take their business to the next level. These brief training episodes offer only the most actionable and inspiring content, via clearly labelled episodes, making it easier than ever to spend a quick half hour perfecting your abilities in video production.

From professionalism to essential creative tips, Video Production Daily touches on all of the crucial topics, and makes clear the building blocks required in order to feel more capable and optimistic about making videos.

Given that all of us have way more time on our hands than was first anticipated for 2020, there’s never been a better time to learn a new skill. These short yet focused, bi-weekly episodes are all at once insightful, uplifting, and easy to access.

With 20 episodes already up online, there’s plenty to binge through. Enjoy, and start getting the most out of your videos!

Check out all episodes here or via iTunes.

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