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Varun Kejriwal: Mixing and Mastering Services


Leading with a professional and experienced background, not to mention a series of impressive accolades under his belt already – Varun Kejriwal is one of the most skillful, hard-working and reliable sound engineers around.

Over the past fifteen years Varun has been perfecting his craft, working with renowned artists throughout their producing, recording, mixing and mastering processes. His achievements include a role as engineer for MTV2’s Bay Area Breakout Artists Series – as well as for The Lovemakers, The Monophonics, Cuban Cigar Crisis, and The Deadwesterns.

Along the way, Varun has also been teaching sound for over 10 years at SAE Expression College – further developing his abilities by training a number of now successful engineers. Immersing himself in his work has led him to become one of the most respected and valuable engineers on the scene, and his passion for music in general means that his aim is always to help artists and bands achieve their true creative vision.

Collaborating and experimenting are the soul-food for so many stand-out musical projects. Varun’s connection to the art-form means that no genre or style is out of reach. A long-time musician and producer, with a vast understanding of the emotional impact of heartfelt, intentional music, Varun is easily one of the most honest and able collaborators out there. His work reaches across the board, from the above mentioned artists, to Dave Krusen (the first drummer for Pearl Jam), and Coast Recorders in San Francisco.

If you’re looking to take your music to the next level, this is someone who knows exactly how to help make it happen.

Find out more about Varun’s work, or get in touch with him for help with the mixing and mastering of your latest project, over at SoundBetter.

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