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Uncomfortable Questions With Kelsey (PODCAST)


Leading with a natural air of comedy and a sense that no topic or question is off limits, the aptly titled Uncomfortable Questions With Kelsey see the hosts interview everyday people with fascinating stories and backgrounds.

A refreshing alternative to the vast ocean of interviews available featuring mainstream figures and well-known names, this podcast welcomes the interesting people we’re far more likely to stumble upon in our regular world.

Not exclusively focusing on uncomfortable queries, but rather approaching things with an inquisitive nature, the podcast asks the real questions that so many people tend to steer away from for fear of encroaching. Thanks to their friendly, welcoming personalities, the hosts create a calming environment, which proves perfect for allowing guests to tell their truths in an open and detailed fashion.

While still in its early days, the show is quickly finding its feet and its flow as a niche podcast. There’s an effective balance between this laid-back, humor-soaked, friendship-style set-up, and a more emotional, inherently human aura that appeals for its depth, authenticity, and ability to connect in refreshing, profound ways.

From piercings and Mormonism to Bipolar disorder and everything in between, these are real issues, powerful stories, and intriguing episodes on track to take the indie podcast platform by storm.

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