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TOACM Radio – Thoughts of a Common Man


Thoughts of a Common Man Radio is a fun and informative talk show that airs every Tuesday from 10 a.m to 12 Noon (PST). The show features host Charles ‘The Chief’ Williams, occasional co-host and pop singer Eye’z, and Gina ‘The Producer’. Listeners can expect candid discussions, great guests, and great music.

Recent episodes feature the hosts discussing sustainability and mindful consumption – Peter Mui of Fixit Clinic makes a guest appearance in the issue linked to below. Fixit Clinic is a contradiction to the disposable, throw-away consumer mindset. They empower people as consumers to engage with the items they choose to bring into their lives; to reduce waste, to inform their current and future consumption and, ultimately, to participate in making better policy choices as a society. Together with Fixit Clinic you can repair broken things through all-ages, do-it-together, hands-on, STEM-oriented, fix-n-learn community disassembly and discovery, and it promises to be a lot of fun.

Previous episodes have featured talks promoting economic empowerment in minority communities, and just recently Rick Moss of African American Museum and Library at Oakland made an appearance to celebrate Black History Month. The crew talked about the history being made now, today, and forever rising up and moving forwards in 2017. There’s a lot to listen to, enjoy, and learn about on the show.

Listen live from 10 a.m to 12 Noon (PST) every Tuesday, or download or stream the latest podcast over on Radio Valencia. Find and follow the Thoughts of a Common Man Radio show on Facebook and Twitter to get notified about new episodes. Visit the show’s Website for more information. Follow co-host and artist Eye’z on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Check out her music on Reverbnation.

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