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The Wheel Of Life / Karma: The Law of Action & Reaction (The Light Of Sirio Podcast, S2E05)


The latest installment of The Light Of Sirio Podcast brings another treasured Q&A session with Master Sirio – An inquisitive deep-dive into the topic of Karma, a discussion of how many forms of life exist in this world, and how thoughts are more potent than actions.

Introduced as ever by the deeply thoughtful Dori, Episode 5 of Season 2 of this spiritual podcast focuses without distraction or disguise on precisely the topics at hand. In this case, we begin with a talk about the law of action and reaction; the consequences that come from good and bad decisions, and how we can simplify our understanding of this in line with our true values and desires.

What is the wheel of life? Dori poses the questions that matter the most, so rather than leaving listeners in the dark or feeling as if the teacher, Master Sirio, is the only one with the answers, the discussion probes in an accessible, easy to follow manner, and leaves a lasting sense of possibility and clarity with its audience.

Carefully intertwining vast historical context and learned knowledge with personal reflections and relevant, contemporary observations, Master Sirio promises a unique balance of expertise and awareness – a distinct knowledge that the majority of listeners seeking out guidance from a spiritual podcast will be starting at the beginning. This quality is what sets The Light Of Sirio apart from other spiritual podcasts, and this episode regarding The Wheel Of Life and Karma is particularly humble and human in its relaying of the ideas and inspiration at its core.

Warming for its laughter and heartfelt curiosity combined, The Wheel of Life plays out for fifty minutes, complete with the simple yet mood-setting musical ambiance of before, and further bridges the gap between the master and his eager and uncertain students. The central theme of negative thinking and the negative power it holds is most interesting, addressed in a way that feels timeless yet also relevant to the modern listener and this fast-paced world. And on the flip-side, the beauty and strength of positive thinking is celebrated in a manner that gives a defiant sense of purpose and value to its premise.

Forever continuing their own spiritual journey, Dori and Master Sirio gift listeners true insight – we’re witnessing a genuine conversation between two spiritual beings, unedited and untainted by media intention or the need for views. That approach is consistently refreshing, and allows the depths and details of The Light Of Sirio Spiritual Podcast to shine with increasing brightness as each new episode emerges.

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