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The Well Spoken Token Podcast


A topical podcast with a twist, The Well Spoken Token brings in talk of everything from hip hop to anime, news and personal story-telling.

There’s immediately a strong balance between professionalism, factual detail, and intimate honesty – a valuable quality in itself, and undoubtedly something refreshingly real that many listeners will appreciate during such trying times.

Episodes offer up a genuine, uninhibited discussion of various topics, and this proves increasingly captivating, endearing, and easy to connect with – more and more so the further into the show’s history you get.

Though only four episodes deep so far, the hosts undoubtedly have a natural confidence and flow with the process, making for a professional and quickly likable set-up that’s easily on track for standing the test of time as the broader audience it deserves rounds up to tune in.

With titles like Dope Fiend Advice and Cultural Dissonance, there’s already a vast arena of subject matter waiting to be weighed in on. No concept is out of reach, and if those simple titles don’t grab your attention, perhaps Richard Pryor Wasn’t Gay (He Was On Drugs) will.

Real people, real conversations, in a calm and welcoming setting. Well worth a listen.

Check out all episodes on various platforms here. Find & follow The Well Spoken Token Podcast on Instagram.

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