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The weenie station (PODCAST)


Juan and Carlos host the easy-going comedy podcast that is The weenie station.

Far from taking itself too seriously, the show welcomes weekly guests onboard to discuss anything and everything. From hip hop to growing cannabis, sex, tacos, titties, even health, no subject is out of bounds – and no statement doomed by censorship.

Essentially a late-night chat between friends, The weenie station looks into recent topical issues or trends, reflects on them in real-time, then proceeds to discuss anything and everything that comes to mind – almost as if there was no awareness of an outside audience at all. That authenticity is a big part of what gives the show its edge, and without a doubt – the more you listen, the more familiar these hosts become, their characters and the dynamic between them, and the easier it will be to sit back and sink into an episode at the end of a long day.

Juan and Carlos met at work, a familiar scenario that many if not all of us can likely relate to. That relationship has a unique quality in that it’s a kind of unexpected, somewhat enforced friendship, through which those involved have willingly veered away from the professional environment to unite in their shared weirdness and reality. Which, in a nutshell, is what you get to experience with The weenie station.

It’s a little like the news, if the news was hosted by guys who haven’t really read the script but have got plenty of personal anecdotes to throw into the mix.

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