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The TWG Podcast


The Third World Gaijins, otherwise known as The TWG, host this uniquely topical, global conversation podcast, and it proves to be one that touches on a number of topics that the vast majority of other shows tend to steer away from.

Though only a couple of episodes in, the two hosts – from India and Kenya respectively – have clearly found their flow with the discussions and the subject matter they choose to cover. The hosts talk for the most part about their lives spent as immigrant’s in Japan, but this is far from the full scope of the show.

A recent episode, as a fine starting point, talks in depth about first-hand experience of racism in Japan. Given the recent mass protests across America and Europe in support of Black Lives Matter, the conversation proves not only deeply insightful, but is also a strong reminder that these issues span across the planet, and affect so many people in so many ways.

Both speaking from notably educated, informed and interested perspectives, the hosts are easy to listen to, partly thanks to their fair balance between emotional references and statistical or more broadly known facts.

Whilst still in its early days, there are likely to be plenty of worthwhile conversations to come, and as mentioned – The TWG Podcast tackles the topics less talked about, as well as digging deep into life in Japan, immersed in Japanese culture.

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