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The Three Pixels (PODCAST)


Covering everything from the latest tech to gaming, movies and contemporary culture – The Three Pixels is an information deep-dive presented in a likable, Gadget-show style format, that’s a pleasure to listen through as you go about your day.

Already in its fourth season, there’s plenty to catch-up on, and the range of topics, plus the varied dynamic between the three personalities – hosts Benjamin Ridley, Martin Gregory and Daviana Ridley – means it’s easy to stay engaged and even get lost in the endless stream of episodes.

A recent release sees the gang tackle the rising phenomena of Zoom and live-streaming events, in light of the current global pandemic and the new social restrictions that have swept the planet. There’s also talk of the recent security issues that have come about regarding Zoom. The balance between personal anecdotes and facts works brilliantly, partly due to the dynamic between hosts, and partly due to the clear level of knowledge and research that goes into each segment.

Other episodes of late have touched on everything from the future of working from home, to iTunes and the changing tech of the music industry, to detailed film reviews of renowned hits like Avengers End Game and the Elton John biopic Rocketman.

The trick is to quickly get to know and put your trust in the hosts, so whatever the topic of conversation, this becomes an easy daily or late-night go-to, which all at once entertains and updates you on many of the latest changes in the contemporary world.

Far from simply a surface-level tech outline, The Three Pixels presents a deeply human look at changing tech and entertainment, and it proves refreshingly insightful to listen to. From reflections on the impact of change on communities and the environment, to personal story-telling that helps keeps things genuine and likable, you never know what to expect with a single episode, and that’s another huge part of what makes this such a promising Podcast.

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