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The Stickman Top Fifty, 2022


Listening to new music does the mind & body a world of good. You’re certain to find something you love amidst these fifty original acts…

Always the best part of our year – not an easy task but an absolute joy to listen back through everything submitted and featured at Stereo Stickman across the past twelve months.

We can now officially confirm, that the Stickman Top Fifty Tracks of 2022 make for a sensational playlist – eclectic, colourful, emotive, uplifting, provocative, energising, engaging, impressive. You guys have poured your souls into this year’s music, and the results speak volumes.

Just a note to those who didn’t quite make it – this was incredibly close, with dozens of tracks rising and falling from the top fifty every time we re-listened and revised this over the past few weeks. There are so many brilliant songs that we’ve enjoyed and are still enjoying this year, so please don’t be dismayed – keep doing your thing and you’ll continue to thrive!

The Stickman Top Fifty, 2022, delivers three hours of great songs, varying in genre from rock to reggae, rap to tech-house, classical piano to folk, swing and experimental, with a world of songwriting topics and stunning vocals, riffs and rhythms to appreciate along the way. The list compiles what we deem to have been the most impactful, memorable and impressive songs from thousands of submissions this year.

Arrangement matters, so we did bear in mind genre and tempo, voice and style, to a degree – remember this if you hear something naturally similar to something else that didn’t make the cut. However, it was by far a secondary element behind what we thought were genuinely the songs that simply grabbed us and kept us listening.

Hard-working indie artists are the ones who lay down their truths, their stories and their skills, uninhibited by any industry overlord or business requirement. As such, their music connects in a way that just isn’t found all that often in the mainstream radio world.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the content we write and post, we’ve a simple request to make at this time – please genuinely click the Spotify link below and head over to listen to some of this music. Let it play whenever you would usually turn to radio or your own playlists or saved albums. Listening to new music does the mind and body a world of good, and you’re certain to find something you love amidst these fifty original acts.

Let this play to wrap up 2022 in an inspiring way – remind yourself of what’s possible, the talent that roams just beneath the fame radar, and the beauty of great music as escapism in a world that often gets too loud or chaotic to handle.

All artists featured in this year’s Top Fifty are linked below, so if you’re a fan of the song – add it to your own playlists, stream it often, share it, and show the creative some love on social media.

As ever, thank you to every artist, band, producer and musician who contributed to making this year’s Stereo Stickman Coverage some of the best yet, and a huge thank you to every listener and reader who keeps checking in and celebrating their passion for the independent music world.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas & New Year, and here’s to all the exciting, as-yet unheard songs we’ll get to experience in 2023!!

* * *

This year’s Top Fifty Playlist features:

FRANKIE FLOWERS, Fly The Nest, Estella Dawn, Davey Harris, D-BLOCH, Happy Curmudgeons, Noshows, Marc Boudreau, BlackJacketBoys, Tamela D’Amico & Wolfgang Lohr, Good Spells, Bangor Transit Authority, Pirritu, Maddisun, Rett Wicker, Daniel Versman, R.She, Mat D, stevski7, Lisa E. Williams, The Grassland Sinners, Ernest Aines, Winlove, Chris Corey, Royce DeZorzi, EGO, Malcom Rose, Raz Hardy & The Mich Kidd, Krooked Tongue, J Hill, Angelo Nicola Giuliano, Kristi Jacques, DELO, Eddi Baule, Tough On Fridays, julianne, Cigarette Social Club, Nian Tong, Sometimes Ghosts, Ultra-eko, Big O & Agu, The Machete, Hello Fiasco, Carleton Stone, SAUNDIA, Martina Matiss, Theo Blixth, Knotice1k, Jana Pochop, Hunter Cahill.

* * *

Header photo by Rahul Pandit.

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