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The Short News Podcast


Self-described as ‘a podcast where a random due you’ve never heard of talks about the goings on of the internet’, The Short News Podcast is notably unlike anything else we’ve featured of late, and as such; it makes for a decidedly genuine, refreshingly care-free go-to.

Alex Madore proves a naturally honest and quickly likable personality. His alternative manner of hosting helps the very nature of this show shine a little more brightly. While there’s a little to be desired on the audio quality front, it’s a minor issue, and it actually adds further realness and indeed nostalgia to the whole experience.

From sexuality and relationships, to tech bigwigs, drinking, and all of the best unpredictable news stories of late, The Short News Podcast feels like a cross between a diary reading and a comedic, rant-like monologue designed for the stage. Episodes prove bizarrely captivating – Alex’s lackluster tone, his laid-back, no f*cks given attitude reminds you not to take life too seriously. His stories genuinely hold attention well, being both entertaining and insightful, ultimately helping listeners build a connection with and understanding of his character.

There’s something inherently calming about The Short News Podcast. While the show is indeed hosted by a dude you’ve never heard of, it doesn’t take long to associate yourself with Alex and his personality type. Then once you know, you know.

Offering new episodes on basically a daily basis, with titles including Guy Talks To Himself For An Hour, The Barber F*cked My Shit Up… and Losing Virginity to a Teddy BearThe Short News Podcast doesn’t care what you think of it, and that approach in itself is distinctly appealing.

Strangely relatable, a podcast that embraces the weirdness of life as a human, balancing somewhat introverted experiences of the world with a subtly confident manner of delivery.

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