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The Real Canadian Podcast


A grass roots podcast where two regular guys get together, crack a beer and talk about real Canadian issues and politics affecting us today.

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Kicking into gear with good intentions and a plan to dig deep into topical and political stories from their native Canada, The Real Canadian Podcast meanders through conversations in an informative yet genuine and ultimately very human manner.

The hosts each bring a unique perspective and set of experiences to the table, which helps create a likable dynamic from the offset – and makes sure there’s someone for most listeners to at least partially relate to. The balance works well, and as a UK native it’s interesting and enjoyable to listen to these episodes for their insight and reality alike. These aren’t politicians or media figures trying to get ahead or grab attention – far from it. These are real people, knowledgeable and faultlessly themselves, and this makes all the difference.

Already sixty episodes deep, the podcast has covered an array of topics in its lifespan so far, and the hosts have long-since found their flow and natural style within the popular niche. The Role Of The Opposition makes for a strong and relevant starting point, particularly if you’re interested in current Global affairs (in real time).

Prior to this, there’s a whole lot to delve into, with subject matter ranging from economics to elections, social distancing and isolation, private schooling, political systems and leaders, and everything in between.

While much of the content is fairly heavy, it’s delivered in an easy-going, even occasionally humorous fashion. It’s an involving discussion, in every case, and this is defiantly one of the indie podcast world’s most valuable shows right now. Well worth letting stream.

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