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The Project: Kuwait (PODCAST)


A Kuwaiti, American and Englishman have joined forces to bring you the best advice and interviews on health and wellness.

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The Project: Kuwait is a well-researched and fairly unique new podcast that digs deep into a whole range of issues relating to contemporary health and wellness. From talks on the rehab revolution, through discussions on back pain, the importance of vacations, emotional healing, CBD, self-identity, endurance sport, and a whole lot that falls in between and beyond all of this – the reach is vast, yet each episode focuses in on a specific topic. More than this, the hosts offer a fine balance between personal experiences, knowledge, expertise, and scientific fact; all which helps make this an unmissable new resource and podcast for 2019 and beyond.

A recent episode entitled Psyched with Doctor D: Mental Health in Kuwait vs the USA, brings through a fascinating conversation that not only debates the topic in detail but also keeps things brilliantly relevant to modern studies and developments; newly discovered pathways, outcomes, and everything that actually seems to work for people. Doctor D is a clearly informed and experienced, captivating speaker and professional, with an unquestionable understanding of the subject matter at hand. In addition, the conversation starts off on a fairly colloquial and informal foot, so you’re welcomed from the start, and this makes the information and evidence that follows a lot more accessible and memorable.

With 68 episodes already under their belt, there’s more than enough content to get you feeling inspired, informed, and ready to make the best kind of changes in your life. There’s plenty to learn regarding modern health and the state of the world’s mental and physical health in general, as well as new medicines, new tests and results, and new insights into the health and well-being in different parts of the world. In addition, the hosts and their guests present a genuinely interesting and engaging conversation in every case – resulting in a listening experience not unlike that of the infamous Radiolab.

Absolutely worth letting play if you’re even remotely interested in understanding modern health, wellness, the medical world as it currently stands, and everything we are heading towards.

Check out all episodes via Apple. Find & follow The Project: Kuwait on Instagram or visit their Website.

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