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The Process Podcast, By Amonté Martin & Quavon Taylor


Amonté Martin and Quavon Taylor host the brand new show that is The Process Podcast. Digging deep into everything that’s inspiring, uplifting, calming, motivational, the show attempts to lay bare the truths of various journeys to the top or just through life in general. A welcomed reminder that hardship doesn’t have to last forever.

Kicking into gear with a relevantly energizing playlist, the podcast balances positively influential music with a clearly passionate and thoughtful approach to original content creation.

The Process Podcast is a show that looks in depth at precisely what it takes to persist and push through struggles and difficulties, sometimes for years and years, to ultimately achieve the successes that were first dreamt of way back when. How do people rise up from turmoil, from having nothing, from experiencing pain and set-backs – how do they move through all of this and achieve their goals? The Process Podcast attempts to dissect and detail the exact steps and stories that led certain individuals to success or freedom.

Welcoming an array of guests from various fields and backgrounds, the podcast proves as eclectic as it is heartfelt and consistently interesting. A recent episode welcomed the fascinating and inspiring Amber Gray on-board, to talk about her journey through struggle, from feelings of separation and distance, among other things, to eventually achieving her dreams and becoming the person she had aimed to be. Thanks to the hosts’ genuinely interested and inquisitive approach, the interview opens up a whole collection of pathways, the sort that get right into the intricacies of the experiences on display, and attempt to truly present the steps taken and the choices made that led the guest to finally overcome adversity.

Not only is the podcast enjoyable and heartwarming to listen to, it can be incredibly inspiring if you yourself (or people you know) are going through a particular hardship or a difficult time. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and thanks to the The Process Podcast, there are now a few lights to guide you as you make your way through. Well worth tuning in for.

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