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The Parliamentary Review Podcast


Chaired by Lord Blunkett and Lord Pickles, we’re an independent, politically neutral platform for sharing best practice.

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Hosted by an open-minded Jonathan White, The Parliamentary Review Podcast features a series of interviews with various representatives and political figures to dig into topics surrounding their organisations, their views, and their ideas.

A recent episode welcomes David Blunkett, Co-Chair of The Parliamentary Review and former MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough from 1987 until 2015. His responses to questions are immediately interesting and presented in a reasonably balanced manner. He talks of the matter of both leading parties having been infiltrated, and furthermore, he appears to speak authentically from the perspective of a member of the public, yet on an informed and professional basis.

This whole podcast, throughout it’s recent episodes, proves to be a refreshing look at modern politics and our current UK parliament that’s all at once informative, insightful, and honest.

The topic of the moment has of course been, for several years now, that of the impending Brexit – including whether or not a second referendum is the right way to go. Jonathan White’s manner of questioning throughout this and indeed all episodes of The Parliamentary Review Podcast, presents one of few instances in which there genuinely seems to be an unbiased approach at work. Questions are posed without edge, unloaded, and the guest is permitted, in every case, the time to fully consider and form an answer that represents precisely where they stand on the matter.

In the case of this recent episode, David Blunkett seems to lead with an equally balanced view of the situation – many people have been let down, on both sides, and this conversation addresses that in a realistic manner.

These issues are incredibly complex, so much so that many members of the public actively avoid political discussions or witnessing parliamentary gatherings due to the confusing nature of the back and forth between nothing and nothing much else. In this case, the host and his interviewees stick with an accessible and realistic format, which refuses to exclude any listeners, and which kind of leans towards a more engaging, non-intrusive yet thought provoking style of conversation than can rarely be found in mainstream media discussions.

Absolutely a fantastic resource for getting right into the details of current politics and these pressing issues that are inevitably set to affect every single one of us.

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