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The On My Mind Podcast


Remy Keene hosts the independent, Christian-themed show The On My Mind Podcast – a uniquely thoughtful and heartfelt series of episodes that dig deep into daily topics that weigh us down or lay heavy on the mind.

Getting straight into the conversation in every case, Remy drives with an immediately genuine and fairly up front manner – laying bare the difficulties we share, and going on to detail the important things; the things that matter and that will likely help you get through these struggles or whatever you’re having trouble with, as quickly and naturally as possible.

Already 63 episodes in, the podcast is an undoubtedly dedicated and focused one, which showcases a caring host with a background of faith and spirituality – consistently allowing positive and beneficial ideas to pour through.

Whether you’re looking to escape from the fast pace of modern life or the rat race for a while, or actively seeking something to remind you to take a breather and be grateful for the good things in life, The On My Mind Podcast serves as a healthy dose of purity and realism that’s easy to let play via these short bursts of conversation.

All episodes run for less than ten minutes, making these the ideal choice for a quick break from the outside world, a quick boost of optimism and calm, and a hearty reminder that you’re never alone in what you’re going through. Rather than simply offering affirmations though, Remy also provides actionable advice and tips relating to how he himself has overcome certain difficulties – how to more effectively prioritize aspects of your life, how to remain on the right path; or how to get back to it if you find yourself straying.

There’s a certain unedited honesty to this podcast that really lets you connect with the host, and listen to and believe the words he speaks. Even the fairly raw recording style furthers that sense of openness and humanity. Well worth saving and subscribing to for a quick listen and life lesson once in a while.

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