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The Morning Spill (PODCAST)


Driving with a clear passion for all things sport, The Morning Spill sweeps up the mess and excitement of the weekend’s sporting events in a genuine fashion.

Feeling authentically like friends discussing the latest games, but with an air of notable knowledge and experience, the show proves an easy choice for sports fans looking to find that post-event chat or somewhere to vent when things haven’t quite gone their way.

While there’s a little left to be desired on the audio quality front, the sound is clear enough to feel involved, and the raw nature actually builds further on that authenticity for now.

Still very much in its early days, The Morning Spill emerges as a podcast with a natural intention – nothing is forced or fake, this is precisely the post-game chit-chat sports fans tend to be drawn to, and the hosts lead with such real levels of enthusiasm that it feels as if the whole conversation would be taking place whether you were listening or not.

With 2020 now officially holding the reigns, and multiple sporting seasons waiting ahead, now is the perfect time to get involved and check out what The Morning Spill has to offer.

Missed a game or a big moment? Let the guys fill you in. From predictions to hindsight, opinions through facts, The Morning Spill is well on its way to being a respected sports after-show.

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A few friends talking about what we love the most.. SPORTS! Join us on our opinions about certain teams or players, uncut and unfiltered!

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