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The Morning Spill Podcast – Season 2


Sports fanatics The Morning Spill launch a brand new season, showcasing a team well and truly dedicated to the cause and having clearly found their flow and their fuel within the Podcast world.

Kicking off the new season is the aptly titled New Season New Us. Immediately the high energy sports vibes pour through, effectively gearing you up for the day ahead in the right kind of way. Then you get the contrasting calm of the hosts, a little laid-back, easy to get into. The new you in this case ignites talk of alcoholism that’s quickly relatable – perhaps all the more so for those with a passion for watching sports.

Seeing the duo roam freely with their chat for close to an hour, the episode showcases a newly found confidence and humor that’s becoming easily recognizable as The Morning Spill. Jazz vibes glisten in the backdrop, and meanwhile these near-locker-room reflections on recent events meet with fantasy team building and just about everything that pops into the heads of the hosts.

Decidedly relevant for those with a life-long obsession for watching sports, but also – notably relevant for anyone needing the occasional reminder not to take life too seriously. Great dynamic between the two hosts.

* * *

We had a Frankenstein basketball player, 3 v 3 on a football list and our favorite alcohol drinks. New season is upon us!

* * *

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