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The Mike’s Opinion PODCAST


Who is Mike? Well let’s just say, Mike thinks differently. He’s highly intelligent and highly opinionated. Most of all he’s honest and true. Mike says things we all think but are hesitant to actually say.

* * *

Playing out smoothly, almost like a mellow rap or spoken word performance – with gentle piano leading the way, a calm vocal, and the beat dropping in to intensify the conversation – The Mike’s Opinion Podcast confidently achieves the rare status of being captivating regardless of whether its your first or fifth visit.

As it happens, there are currently fourteen episodes to catch up on, and Mike openly digs deep into a plethora of topics, from sex to happiness, the global pandemic to homosexuality, psychedelics and even death – no subject is out of bounds, and no statement is to be censored in the free-speech arena that is The Mike’s Opinion Podcast.

Once the intro music falls away, you’re effectively settled into the moment as you would any podcast, mainstream or otherwise. Somehow the host has managed to skillfully walk the line between being outspoken and relatable. That is to say, whether you agree with him or not, you’ll still find it easy and enjoyable to listen.

This kind of uninhibited realism or insight into how the other half think is precisely what we should all be exploring a little more-so. It’s too easy to turn away from or cover our ears amidst opinions we don’t like, and it’s not necessary. Seven billion people share this planet. We’re not going to all agree on much of anything. It’s far better to listen, understand, and have a conversation, than to simply cut yourself off. And of course, you may well find yourself nodding along, even cheering, to every point made.

Anyway, that’s a tangent. The Mike’s Opinion Podcast is, as the host himself declares, a podcast hosted by an intelligent and opinionated individual. If you too think of yourself in this way, the show is well worth a listen.

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