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The Lowerarchy (PODCAST)


The UK’s own Tom Groves and Tom Knight host the uniquely entertaining new podcast The Lowerarchy – a show that tackles the bottom three of a plethora of categories.

From films to universities, nothing is out of reach, and though the podcast is still in its early days, the premise is strong, and the dynamic between the hosts is easy to get into.

Leading with a refreshingly laid-back, humorous and uninhibited approach to podcasting, The Lowerarchy feels like a genuine break from the weight of the world. It’s a chat with friends, it’s the conversations that happen towards the end of the night, and it’s precisely the kind of stuff we’re all likely to find ourselves talking about as lockdown continues to re-direct our thoughts.

A recent episode gets into the topic of Miscast Actors, self-defined as a particularly low-budget effort this week. To be fair, a big part of the appeal with indie podcasts of this nature is their authenticity. You don’t need or want anything flashy or there simply as filler. These are the kind of episodes you can let play, chiming in to yourself whenever you feel like – let’s face it, we’re limited in who we can talk to face-to-face.

An enjoyable show, from a duo with quickly likeable personalities. Tune in every Saturday.

Check out all episodes via Apple or visit The Lowerarchy Website.

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