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The Gerry Anderson Podcast


For the many who’ve found themselves a fan of anything from Gerry Anderson over the years – Thunderbirds, Terrahawks, Supercar, Space: 1999, to name just a few – this is categorically the podcast for you.

Hosted by Olivier nominee Richard James of Space Precinct, and Gerry Anderson’s own son Jamie, the brand new weekly show digs deep into the latest news, interviews, and direct audience question and answer sessions.

At over sixty episodes deep, The Gerry Anderson Podcast boasts an impressive collection of topics and guests already under its belt. Leading with a classically upbeat and energizing introduction, the show drives with the strength of the series’ that have given Gerry Anderson’s name such weight; volume, music, unwavering enthusiasm from the hosts. The whole thing is immediately a pleasure to listen to for that nostalgic, classic British radio vibe that seems to pour through – a likable set of personalities, and a genuine connection between them that helps make this all the more entertaining.

In addition, even for those who are less familiar with Gerry Anderson’s name, you’re almost certain to find something within here that draws about comforting memories and reflections on TV and Radio’s past that welcomes you in a wonderful way. Even by starting during Kevin Grazier Part 2 (Episode 62), there’s no need to settle in or give the podcast time – you acclimatize swiftly, and the conversation and topics touched upon are quick to appeal and connect.

With fun segments such as The Randomizer and FAB Facts, not to mention a notably positive and welcoming community, this is undoubtedly what you might refer to a surprisingly brilliant podcast. A pleasure to stumble upon, an easy way to light up an hour or so of your day, and a calming glance back through entertainment’s history at the simple stars and moments that paved the way.

An easy recommend – right the way back to episode one; The Prequel – An Introductory Episode. This is somewhere you can completely lose yourself for a while. The hosts showcase an authentic interest in the topics at hand, and this, in line with their enjoyable conversational flow and set-up throughout each episode, helps make it one of the most pleasant new podcasts of recent years. Absolutely worth exploring.

Check out all episodes via the Website. Find & follow Gerry Anderson on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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