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The Galaxy Wars Podcast


The Galaxy Wars Podcast is a show hosted by the the GRYS – otherwise known as Jim and Tom. Their aim with the episodes is to visit various TV and movie galaxies to talk their way through their own opinions on the vast world of Sci-Fi. Their approach is to use a fairly laid back, conversational format, natural and genuine sounding, comedic at times yet with a distinct focus on the science aspect of it all.

The GRYS take on fan favourites such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Doctor Who, as well as a number of somewhat lesser known projects. In addition to the fictional or visually entertaining aspects, the GRYS also tackle all things science fiction as dictated by their own passionate interests in just about everything that falls under that category.

No episode is predictable, their conversations are always free-flowing and easy to get into. Nothing about the show seems overly rehearsed or fake, it’s like being part of an authentic discussion with a group of people who share your love for all things sci-fi. It’s an easy joy to have the show play in the backdrop to your day, particularly if you’re familiar with and a fan of the topics at hand.

A recent episode entitled Character Spotlight: Cable, sees Jim and Tom discuss a character making his live action debut in Deadpool 2 – Cable. From his origin to his clone, the GRYS have all the details covered. They also talk in depth about what they want to see in Deadpool 2, and in among everything, they find themselves on a wrestling side quest. The realness and light-hearted enjoyment is clear throughout the chat – this is exactly what listeners will most likely connect with and return for week after week.

The Galaxy Wars Podcast is an Active Geek Production. Listen via iTunes. Find & follow The Galaxy Wars Podcast on FacebookTwitter, Soundcloud & Instagram.

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