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The Galaxy Wars Podcast


Still going strong and undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable and intentional indie podcasts of recent years, The Galaxy Wars Podcast has released its most anticipated episode yet, and more than this – every week they continue to further the conversation and keep their listeners engaged and excited about the world of entertainment.

This latest episode is actually something of a preview for the upcoming movie Avengers Endgame – the 21st film under the Marvel enterprise. The show is as quickly captivating as ever, and distinctly interesting for entertainment and movie fans across all ages. The hosts speculate somewhat, always based on genuine possibility and cinematic / comic book history. They also dig deep into what is already openly available prior to the film’s release. Expect fan theories from numerous different perspectives, the best of the best from the vastness of the internet, as well as Tom and Jim’s own interpretations of what could be on the way.

The hosts – otherwise known as the GRYS’ – showcase a passion for film and entertainment that shines through in a genuine and likable way. If you’re as much of a lover of cinema as they are – this feels like a detailed and uninhibited catch-up with friends. Their historical knowledge and their memory of specific moments throughout cinema’s past also adds a great deal to how well the show holds your attention. You may find yourself sifting back through shows and movies you thought you knew well, just to re-capture the intricacies and moments Jim and Tom touch upon in the podcast.

Throughout The Galaxy Wars Podcast episodes, the GRYS travel to various television and movie galaxies giving their views on the wide world of science fiction – utilizing comedy, and with an emphasis on the science. They cover fan favorites from Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who – as well as some lesser known offerings. Their love for Sci-fi, for movies and TV in general, is precisely what gives The Galaxy Wars Podcast such authenticity. An absolute recommend if you’re on the lookout for the best new podcasts to explore.

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