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THE FUNK Jam : 21st Funkury! (April 21st)


Professional improv band The Funk Jam host and perform an exclusive live event this coming Wednesday 21st April. Not only are the musicians involved at the top of their game, but the show is FREE to attend, and accessible to any and all; on and off Facebook.

What does it mean to be an improvisational band? It means all lyrics and music are literally made up on the spot – invented in the moment, improvised or freestyled in the heat of the performance for your entertainment and enlightenment. It’s a live jam, unplanned and unpredictable.

If nothing else, the sheer intrigue of this prospect is likely to appeal – and why not tune in given that it’s free and we’ve spent the last twelve months locked down and left without live music?

‘All improv, all the time, made up masterpieces that only The Funk Jam can deliver!’

The most recent setup for The Funk Jam included John Johnson – Boyz to Men guitarist – the keyboardist Dan Walker, from Las Vegas legend Zowie Bowie, drummer Marcus Miller (bassist for Luther Vandross), and bassist / vocalist Anthony Johnson; from the Michael Jackson Evolution show on the Vegas Strip.

With a line-up as experienced and passionate as this, 21st Funkury! is more than likely to be an unmissable evening of live entertainment; who knows where the music will take them…

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The Sand Dollar LV is the place, and the time : Wednesday, 21st April, 2021 – 05:00 UTC+01. Get involved!

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Check out & attend the event on Facebook. Visit The Funk Jam’s Website for more info.

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