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The Edmo Show (PODCAST)


Tackling all of the most controversial topical issues facing our society, The Edmo Show is a no-holds-barred new podcast that attempts to find common ground between opposing sides of a plethora of subjects.

Digging deep into any and all topics, The Edmo Show is somewhat unpredictable by nature, but the manner in which the two hosts and indeed their various guests attempt to uncover the truth at the heart of each issue, is decidedly professional, balanced, and insightful to listen to.

A recent example of the uninhibited ocean of themes that this show will bring to light is one that takes on the recent #MeToo movement. The forty-five-minute episode tries to approach the subject matter from an unbiased perspective, laying bare the details as per various news items and stories that came to light during this time, and analysing this information in a realistic way.

While you may not always agree with the opinions presented, there’s often an opposing view delivered to balance it out, and it’s increasingly important in today’s world that all of us feel able and welcome to take part in any conversation – otherwise we end up divided, and falling into a bubble of inaccuracy and bias.

Other episodes dare to venture into territories of marriage, the coronavirus, masculinity, finance, sex, and everything that falls in between. No topic is out of bounds, and no statement fated to be censored.

Still very much in its early days, but worth a listen if you’re looking for an alternative analysis of recent events and the big issues that face us throughout our lives.

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